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Tareekh Aqwam E Kashmir Pdf

For a much larger group of people, however, including those who have been purged from the mainstream in Kashmir, there is no feeling of safety and security except being alienated from the state, although they cannot accept that the state has been an instrument for inflicting this pain and fear.

Tareekh Aqwam E Kashmir Pdf

These would include those who are fearful of being targeted by the state that, in the recent past, have been involved in arresting, torturing and killing those who were at the forefront of the protests to raise demands for self-determination for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. A fair measure of the torment felt by such people can be gauged by a photograph taken at Sidhbagh in Srinagar where a mother holds a photo of her son, who has been thrown out of his house by the police, away from angry protesters who have gathered to demand his release and the release of other Kashmiri prisoners, including those taken by the army. This photograph appeared in an AP report on the protests in the Valley on June 24, 2015. The mother is seen crying and raising her hands as she clutches the photograph of her son.

Another group of people, among them intellectuals and those from Kashmirs leading writers , are living in a state of paranoia, a perception that is only reinforced when one closely watches the state and observes its actions in both theory and practice. In this context, while the states violence on Kashmiris reaches a crescendo it is the Kashmiri intellectuals, with whom it has sought intellectual legitimation, who are being demonized and driven underground.

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