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Monkey Bathroom 3.mp4

We purchased Casa Las Brisas after looking at properties all over the coastal region. Although there are many beautiful spots, we felt being in Flamingo was ideal for our family, and that being on a ridge directly above the ocean was the perfect location. We have stunning panoramic views of both the mountains and the Pacific, quick, easy access to the beach below and the soothing, rhythmic sound of the crash of the surf. We decided to add a second story onto the house in 2007, which gave us an additional Master Suite with a bathroom shower that boasts the best view in town! You step out onto a large outdoor terrace where you can spend the mornings listening to the birds and monkeys while drinking your Costa Rican coffee, and watching the hummingbirds and butterflies flit from tree to tree. The pelicans fly by in formation. It's also the perfect spot to gather at sunset for cocktails each evening. In 2017 we completely renovated the kitchen and bathrooms on the main level, and replaced all the outdoor tile with native Colombian Coralina stone. In 2018 the pool area was renovated to add a stone waterfall and jacuzzi that spills into the pool. The built in Weber grill off the kitchen out by the pool provides a great space to cook and entertain. The lush gardens are filled with limes, mangoes and bananas to make refreshing drinks. We are excited to announce the new guest house completed in 2020. Casita Las Brisas is a separate structure built on the property which is ideal for a couple or small family, or can be rented together with the Villa to accommodate larger groups. Same level luxury, same awesome views!Casa and Casita Las Brisas are a true tropical paradise!

Monkey Bathroom 3.mp4

On October 27, 2016, Coub[2] user OhSh1t posted a brief clip from the original video, captioned "When you have to pee bad but someone is taking forever in the bathroom ??". This garnered over 110 views and 13 likes in 4 years. 041b061a72

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