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Buy Cannondale Bikes Online !EXCLUSIVE!

Along with 20+ other leading bike companies, Cannondale is proud to be a part of the e-bike battery recycling program organized by PeopleForBikes and administrated by the not-for-profit Call2Recycle. Your payment of $15 goes to an industrywide fund that ensures batteries from Cannondale e-bikes are recycled at end of life and do not end up in landfills. Learn more at Call2Recycle.

buy cannondale bikes online


A select number of bikes have been made exclusively available for Buy Online Pick-up in Shop, an online purchasing option that allows you to purchase your bicycle online directly from a Cannondale warehouse and have it shipped for free to an Authorized Cannondale bike shop, where it will be professionally assembled for free and ready to ride when you pick it up.

When looking for a high-end bike, looking at some of the elite brands is always a great idea. Cannondale is an American brand, which has been featured at the Tour de France on numerous occasions. The brand also boasts numerous accolade-winning world teams. At Cycling Avenue, you can find your very own selection of refurbished Cannondale bikes online in Canada.

We also understand that some of these bikes are still expensive and this could be daunting for some of you to buy. At Cycling Avenue, we offer a fair trade-in program, which helps you sell your used bikes and use the store credits to buy a brand-new bike of your choosing. We also offer tax deductions, which makes us one of the cheapest brands on the market today. We also offer other high-end brands like Trek, Specialized, Rocky Mountain, and Argon-18 for you to choose from.

Cannondale is renowned for not only designing high-end bikes that require a high price tag. They accommodate all price ranges. When compared to many of the other elite brands, you will notice just how affordable it is.

If you are looking for a road bike, electric bike, and even one of the top mountain bikes in the world, Cannondale would be the perfect brand for you to rely on. Cannondale has massive expertise in the road bike scene and they can give you some of the best Aero and Endurance road bikes ever to make it onto the market.

As mentioned, Cannondale specializes in road bikes and many of their elite road bikes are featured in the Tour de France. Currently, Nielson Powless is one of the riders using Cannondale as a preferred bike and has recently done well in the KOM competition. These road bikes can help you tackle and overcome any situation on the road.

With the American countryside and mountain ranges available to the Cannondale developers, you can easily find an elite mountain bike that meets your needs. As we have already established, one of the main focal points for developing bikes has been comfort for Cannondale. Whether you are looking for a good hardtail bike, or you need a dual-suspension downhill bike, Cannondale should ensure that you find what you need.

With the world of cyclocross exploding in recent years, the XC bike market has slowly begun to ramp up. Cannondale is part of many gravel bike competitions, which sees the brand creating and developing some of the leading gravel bikes. Some of these bikes are multifunctional and make it possible for the user to use them on the open road as well.

Everyone should try an electric bike at least once in their life. The electric bike gives you some pedaling assistance to ensure that you have the ultimate level of comfort and you can ride much further for much longer. Cannondale is renowned for its battery life and durability of motors. Some of their electric bikes would also allow you to reach high speeds.

Cannondale is known for its excellent mountain bikes and road bikes. Cannondale has always been considered a pioneer in modern materials and was one of the first manufacturers to produce high-quality aluminum frames. This know-how is constantly being further developed so that the carbon wheels are also among the best on the market.

Cannondale has the right bike for every road cyclist and offers numerous innovative detail solutions. The thoroughbred racing machines, comfortable endurance bikes, universal Anyroad road bikes, and high-performance cyclocrossers are bursting with energy and adventure, with which you are guaranteed to experience an incomparable riding experience.

The legendary Bad Boy models from Cannondale have decisively shaped the style of the stylish fitness bikes and have innovative unique selling points with optional belt drive and lefty fork. For speed junkies and price-conscious recreational athletes, Cannondale has other interesting fitness bikes in its program with the Synapse Flat Bar and the Quick.

This Privacy Policy is specific to Hup Leong Co\u2019s customer operations, including It does not apply to our affiliate brand's websites such as such as, and Each one of those sites has its own Privacy Policy that applies to the specific information collected on those sites.

There could be blemishes or dents. All bikes are inspected by one of our expert mechanics before shipment. This item is sold as-Is and no exchanges/returns will be accepted under any circumstances.

Mike's Bikes was founded in 1964 as one of Marin County's very first Schwinn shops. It is rumored that our store in San Rafael was home to some of the first mountain bikes in the country. Cycling has changed dramatically as the decades have rolled by, but Mike's Bikes has never wavered from our total dedication to the sport.

Today, Mike's Bikes is a growing family of bike shops, all with a singular purpose - to get as many people on bikes as possible. We operate 14 wildly successful stores in Petaluma, San Rafael, Sausalito, San Francisco, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Los Gatos, Sacramento, Walnut Creek, San Jose, Pleasanton, Folsom, Roseville, & Stanford Research Park! Our professional staff of over 250 cycling enthusiasts will ensure that your experiences both in the store and on your bike are the best they can be.

Why shop with us? Because we know bikes and we care. We don't sell snowboards, we don't sell kayaks and we don't sell tents. We only sell bikes - you might even say bikes are our life. Why does that matter? Because this utter fanaticism for our product makes us the best at what we do - We live to create cyclists.

With beautifully crafted frames, progressive geometry and seriously dirt-ready components, Trail mountain bikes are built to take your riding to the next level, from your first time off-road to your next big adventure. The simple yet sophisticated SmartForm C3 alloy construction yield a light, lively frame that outperforms anything in its class.

All of our finance options are available online with no deposit, however if you would like to pay a deposit then you can speak to our helpful sales team who will arrange this and process your application for you.

In conjunction with Novuna, we have recently implemented additional security checks as part of our online finance process. These additional checks may require you to submit photo ID when placing a finance order, so remember to watch out for emails from Novuna which may request this additional information.

A hybrid bike is a sporty bike particularly suitable for commuting and recreational rides. Light and with enough gears so you can get along well even on hilly terrain and in headwinds, but with the comfort and practicality of a city bike. These are the main advantages of hybrid bikes. We have hybrid bikes for men and women in our range. Looking for a bike that makes cycling to work even easier and more enjoyable? Then a hybrid bike is for you! 041b061a72


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