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The Evil Within 2

Upon entering Union, Sebastian discovers the town has turned into a nightmare realm where all of the inhabitants were either killed or mutated into monsters. In addition, Sebastian witnesses a mysterious photographer with supernatural powers hunting down and murdering Mobius operatives. He manages to find surviving Mobius personnel Liam O'Neal (Jesse LeNoir), Yukiko Hoffman (Ying Hsiao), and Julian Sykes (Hari Williams), who help him in the search for Lily. As Sebastian follows her trail, he learns that she has been kidnapped by the photographer Stefano Valentini (Rafael Goldstein), a serial killer obsessed with photographing people at the moment of their death who managed to infiltrate Union. Stefano reveals that he had originally kidnapped Lily under orders from another party, but decided to keep her for himself to exploit her powers as the Core. Sebastian fights and kills Stefano but before he can rescue Lily, Myra appears and takes Lily away. Sebastian finds himself transported to the interior of a mysterious stronghold-like area, where he is approached by Father Theodore Wallace (Ron Sewer), who attempts to convince Sebastian to join him to seize Lily from Myra since Stefano betrayed him. Sebastian refuses and is banished to a forest outside Union where he meets with Mobius operative Esmeralda Torres (Crash Barrera). Upon reaching her safe house, Torres reveals that she, Kidman, Myra, and Theodore had conspired to break Lily out of STEM and destroy Mobius from within via their chip implants. However, the plan went awry when Theodore became mentally unstable and decided to kidnap Lily for himself.

the evil within 2

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Sebastian is then approached by Father Theodore Wallace, who attempts to convince Sebastian to join him to seize Lily from Myra since Stephano betrayed him. Sebastian, mistrustful of Theodore, refuses and is banished to a forest outside Union where he meets with Esmeralda Torres. She reveals to him that she, Kidman, Theodore, and Myra had conspired to break Lily out of STEM and destroy Mobius from within. However, the plan went awry when Theodore decided to kidnap Lily for himself. Sebastian goes to check on O'Neal to find a new lead but discovers that he has already been corrupted by Theodore. Sebastian rescues Hoffman from O'Neal and is forced to kill him, though O'Neal tells them how to find Theodore with his dying breath. Sebastian and Esmeralda assault Theodore's realm, but the attack fails when Theodore disables Sebastian by using his own guilt and self doubt against him. Sebastian is visited by a vision of Myra, who assures him that what happened to Lily wasn't his fault and that he should focus on saving her.

In October 2017, Bethesda invited fans to take another macabre dive into the twisted world of psychotic enemies and painful memories for the main character, Sebastian Castellanos. This time around, Sebastian is looking for the daughter he once thought was dead due to a house fire. To find her, he has to plug back into the machine that brought him to Beacon in the first game. Before, Sebastian was a motivated detective solving a mysterious murder case. In The Evil Within 2, Sebastian is a desperate father willing to face every creepy and disturbing monster to locate the daughter he lost. This game is bigger than the original, happening in the setting of a city instead of one location (like Beacon Hospital in the first game). There are a lot of improvements on the original and features within this game that have players ready to embrace the terror. Here are 25 awesome things you did not know about The Evil Within 2.

Games often give you a chance to experience things you would never have thought possible. Wanna surf in clouds? Fight Greek gods on Mount Olympus? Run a Grand Theft operating ring? Well, video games have you covered. Most of the time, especially with games like EW2, gamers become incredibly excited about weapons. Fans have been clamoring about the hint that a flamethrower would be making its way into the game, but for the weapon was yet to be found within EW2. However, it was not long before video showed up on YouTube of players with the flamethrower. Players can pick up the flamethrower by defeating a boss wielding one later in the game. The damage done to the boss during the fight will make the weapon unusable. However, players can repair it by taking down two of the same bosses in Union City. It's a tough fight, but the flamethrower is worth it!

Three years after surviving Ruvik's twisted mindscape within Beacon Mental Hospital, Sebastian has been kicked off the force and seeks solace in the sauce. After barely mentioning her in the first game, the former detective is now wrought with guilt over the death of his daughter Lily; we know this because the opening scene graphically shows the flesh melting off her five-year-old face. Suddenly, his former partner-turned-double agent Juli Kidman appears with news: Lily didn't die in that house fire after all, and Sebastian must rescue her by delving back into the shared consciousness of the STEM system, better thought of as The Spooky Matrix. You've no choice but the brave the undead dangers of Union, a virtual small town that's twisting in on itself like a blood-soaked version of the neighborhood from Psychonaut's Milkman Conspiracy.

This game is a massive improvement over evil within 1 which I would rate a 7 and was a middle of the road game if I've ever seen one. I'd rate this one at least 8.5 if not 9 the open area of union because it's more silent hill than ac is fun as heck to explore with tons of optional cutscenes and enemies to encounter as well as nailing the atmosphere perfectly. The controls are really improved,you can sprint more than three seconds and the story is def better than the first especially the voice acting. I also don't see how this game is the same length as the first when every other review as stated the opposite and I've already played five hours and still on chapter 3 of 17 when the first was a max of 14 hours spread across its 15 chapters 041b061a72


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