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Learn to Drift in the Most Fun and Challenging Car Driving Simulator

Many games in this category feature racing and dodging traffic too. RealDrive is an awesome driving game with superb graphics, realistic car models, and a drifting mode with various drifting challenges.

Drifting is the act of pushing a RWD car in to oversteer (when the rear wheels break traction and step out of line). Throttle and counter-steer are applied to control the slide. To initiate oversteer, use of the throttle, clutch and handbrake are often used along with weight transfer to break traction. Get up to speed on drifting with our drifting guide.

car driving simulator drift

From there, you can explore some of our game-specific car drifting tutorials. Whether you're looking to master drifting in Drift Hunters, Drift Hunters MAX, or even on driving games outside of Drifted, such as GTA 5, or Forza Horizon 5, we've got you covered.

Any of the games above will allow you to drift cars, but if you've not found one among our popular choices that suits your requirements, make sure you click the 'LOAD MORE DRIFTING GAMES' to see our full catalog of drift car games that are hosted completely free for you to enjoy at

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With the most impressive graphics and physics of any car drifting simulator, it's easy to see why it's quickly becoming the most popular game at Drifted. And, best of all, it's our first exclusive game!

Even though the physics in this game aren't exactly the best, you can still drift in here. Now drifting is pretty cool, but it also takes quite some practice and time to refine your technique. *Key Note* You can virtually drift any car in the game. Just make sure you have the proper tune

This is the part that defines your build. I highly suggest tuning this to your personal preference. I haven't played enough with camber lately, but you can check out the page on this wiki. They explain it better. But for drifting you want to use negative. The negative camber helps you carry more speed through the corners, so this is especially good on any car who can't hold drifts for long enough. This decreases grip on your car and will make it slide more easily. Once you surpass around -5 degrees is when you start to feel the extra speed through the corners. This is the best part for fine-tuning your car, getting this down and experimenting with it really will improve your experience. The positive camber will help make the car more understeery, I also wouldn't see why anyone would run positive camber. Negative camber is the key to having longer drifts.

Real Extreme Car Driving Drift is a race based on beautiful graphics with many thrilling missions. It promises to bring the best experience time. This is a new type of drifting game that offers a maximum realistic driving experience. It is not only a game but also an extreme 3d car driving simulator. You will feel the real-life racing experience when you get in and drive your own car on various tracks with stunning visuals, amazing sound effects.

The driver uses the manually controlled wheel brake and the gas pedal to control the speed and direction of the vehicle while maintaining traction, similar to when sliding on ice. This skill is difficult enough that many professional drivers have never learned how to do it properly. Some people also think that professional drivers who can "drift" are not necessarily better than amateurs because they can know other driving skills such as cornering or braking properly.

In the Real Extreme Car Driving Drift game, There are many types of games where car drifting has been included as one of the main features. There are even some cars based on this sport that can be driven in real life with some modifications so that they can properly drift in both virtual and real worlds. While some people think this game is just for fun, there are serious drivers who take this game very seriously.

Compete against other players in this exciting racing competition as you drive through one of the most famous cities in the world. Enjoy all the activities available to you in the various game branches of this game. There are a variety of vehicles to choose from along with upgrade options in each branch. If you like driving along winding roads or dashing straight down straight roads at high speed, then this is the game for you!

Hashiriya Drifter ( Street Racing) - from 80-90' Japan car culture.Hashiriya Drifter is the ultimate drift racing game that you always wanted to play! This immersive, epic car game also offers an update with the Nascar experience. There are dozens of cars you can choose from in this online racing game, and you need to burn rubber on the asphalt if you really want to win.You will be playing against more than 10 million players in intense, exciting PVP races. Ditch Fortnite, PUBG or Kahoot Drive and instead focus on one of the most impressive, exciting racing games out there. You get the CSR experience on steroids for free, and you also get to test your driving skills in no time. And since you can play against 20 people online at the same time, this is a very immersive and intense experience.If you love street racing and drifting, Hashiriya Drifter is the coolest game you can play. These street racing are immersive and you have the unique opportunity to fully modify your car the way you want.There are dozens of levels to choose from, and they all come with twists and turns to test your drifting capabilities. Your focus is to try and become the best and reach the finish line first. It s not easy to do that in this seesaw, challenging simulator game. But you need to constantly improve as you play against people which have your own skill range.In the game you have realistic tuning for every vehicle, with more than 100 parts for a single car that you can fully customize the way you want.Hashiriya Drifter offers you then best online racing experience and a cool way to drift around the horizon against people from all over the world. Do you have what it takes to become the best driver in the universe? Test out your skills against millions of other players, only with Hashiriya Drifter by downloading it today!Features:* Exciting, fun driving game* Very immersive and extremely easy to play* Play against people from all over the world* Intense drifting action* Full Car Customization (Tuning, Car Parts, Paint, Vinyl's)* More than 10.000.000 players in Online Multiplayer, Car Meets and PvP Battles & Tournament Battles!

Welcome to Midnight Drifter - Drift Racing Car Racing Driving Simulator 2023 Speed Games! This game offers an exciting and realistic experience of drifting and racing on the streets, packed with thrilling challenges and multiple races to compete in. As a player, you'll have the opportunity to become a street legend and show off your skills as a drift driver.

The game features a wide variety of cars to choose from, including sports cars, SUVs, hatchbacks, and sedans, all with real driving physics for a more realistic experience. With the largest range of tuning and upgrade options available, you can customize your vehicle to your liking by changing gear ratios, ride heights, and wheel camber angles. Upgrade your engine, brakes, and handling for better performance, and choose from various body and rim colors to truly make it your own.

In summary, Midnight Drifter - Drift Racing Car Racing Driving Simulator 2023 Speed Games is the ultimate game for drift and racing enthusiasts. With its huge range of cars, tuning, and upgrade options, realistic graphics, and multiple races, you'll be kept entertained for hours. So, what are you waiting for? Get behind the wheel and start drifting today!

Take control of some amazingly real drift cars (speed car, SUV and 4x4) in a huge driving environment ready to explore, with a big city, forests, canyons, hills and mountains : more than 16 km of area and 30 km of roads!

The city is very big with real traffic cars, buildings, houses, bridges and traffic lights. Race and drift fast past police cars, ambulances, taxi cabs and more throughout the huge city and offroad world.

This game offers massive open world for the best drifting car simulator games! Race, drift, crash, jump, and flip around huge detailed open city, perform tricks and stunts, and have fun! The most realistic and extreme car driving game you'll ever experience, Drift Car Driving Simulator!

From the creators of Extreme Car Driving Simulator, the upgraded Car Driving Simulator Drift is here! Car Driving Simulator is an extreme car racing simulator from 2017. Drive the furious racing and sports cars at illegal speeds, drift all around the almost-endless widest open city ever seen on a mobile game, and race the traffic. We upgraded its realistic racing physics engine, so max the revs, stunts, drift and feel the real suspension and racing brakes. Do extreme burnouts and melt your wheels into the city asphalt. Car Driving Simulator game features:- Physics driven real car damage. Don't crash your extreme car into the traffic vehicles or you will need to spend cash in the car paint workshop! - Extreme Drive from an interior cockpit view with real km/h or mph speed meter! - New upgrade system: Upgrade your vehicle until it can climb any hill!

Get ready to drift and drive your drift car in Drift Car Extreme Simulator by Game Tap. Play the most wanted drift game 2020 in real drifting simulator. Drift racing is not for the weak hearted! Let the adrenaline rush hit you in the most realistic mobile racing game.

Drive CarX to get the ultimate experience of drift car racing in extreme car simulator. Get to new high speeds with high performance cars in this awesome car game. By playing drift racing game you can improve sport cars driving skills.

For drift car fans this is the most addictive car game with separate handbrake button to for easy drifting. Become a drifter and paint donuts by burning tires of your extreme car. Enjoy realistic 3D animation for deep smoke effects while drifting. Show off your drifting skills and avoid crashing into side walls to earn more coins.


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