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Bulk-tissue RNA-Seq is increasingly being used in the study of physiological and pathophysiological processes in the kidney; however, the presence of multiple cell types in kidney tissue complicates data interpretation. We addressed the question of which cell types are represented in whole-kidney RNA-Seq data in order to identify circumstances in which bulk-kidney RNA-Seq can be successfully interpreted. We carried out RNA-Seq in mouse whole kidneys and in microdissected renal tubule segments. To aid in the interpretation of the data, we compiled a database of cell-type selective protein markers for 43 cell types believed to be present in kidney tissue. The whole-kidney RNA-Seq analysis identified transcripts corresponding to 17,742 genes, distributed over 5 orders of magnitude of expression level. Markers for all 43 curated cell types were detectable. Analysis of the cellular makeup of mouse and rat kidney, calculated from published literature, suggests that proximal tubule cells account for more than half of the mRNA in a kidney. Comparison of RNA-Seq data from microdissected proximal tubules with data from whole kidney supports this view. RNA-Seq data for cell-type selective markers in bulk-kidney samples provide a valid means to identify changes in minority-cell abundances in kidney tissue. Because proximal tubules make up a substantial fraction of whole-kidney samples, changes in proximal tubule gene expression can be assessed presumptively by bulk-kidney RNA-Seq, although results could potentially be complicated by the presence of mRNA from other cell types.

If you are looking to stock that classroom library, the prices in the Scholastic Store on paperback book collections are incredible. You can snag 50 books in your grade level for $2 (or more!) off each book. Be sure to check the teacher bulk book deals offered in the Scholastic book orders too.

is the cheapest place to get a lot of supplies. Also, although the shipping on that website is a bit much. I also use mpmschoolsupplies for decorations and reallygoodstuff for games and activities (which usually I find a way to recreate myself!) I am a private school teacher so everything I need for my classroom is supplied by my paycheck which is also a little over half of what a public school teacher makes. I am all about a good deal. Sams Club is good if you are buying bulk but Costco also has a lot of great deals on office supplies (I got a HUGE dry erase board for $19.99 there.. the cheapest I found it at other places was $49.99) Target is good for the back to school sales and for clothes that are super cute and good quality but also crazy cheap- try Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls and TJ Maxx (I prefer Burlington! I can walk out spending $200 with 5 COMPLETE outfits or more) 041b061a72


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