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Thumb sucking is a natural, instinctive behavior that provides comfort. Doctors call it a non-nutritive sucking habit. This is a group of soothing behaviors that also include the use of pacifiers or comfort blankets.

Babies and children begin sucking their thumbs as a reflex, making them feel secure and safe. The behavior may extend into adulthood for similar reasons. Adults may suck their thumbs as a response to stress or anxiety.

Thumb sucking could also be a response to trauma. Psychological trauma is a mental and physical response to events a person finds extremely stressful. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), common examples include bullying, abuse, or a car accident.

Thumb sucking in babies and children is generally harmless. However, excessive thumb sucking can lead to problems. According to a 2020 article, people who suck their thumb for long periods can develop certain health conditions.

The ADA suggest a variety of ways that a parent or caregiver can encourage a child to stop sucking its thumb. An adult can also try similar tactics, such as bandaging the thumb. This makes it difficult to suck, which can help reduce the behavior.

Many babies and young children suck their thumbs, but most stop by the age of 4. However, some people will continue to suck their thumb into adulthood. Vigorous thumb sucking can cause blisters, calluses, and dental problems.

Sucking their thumb may help an adult feel calm and reassured after experiencing stress or anxiety. Some people may suck their thumb in respsonse to trauma. Addressing the reasons behind the thumb sucking might help someone to stop.

When kids are little, immaturity can look like shyness, tantrums, or trouble at school. Kids who are immature get upset more easily and have trouble calming down without help. They may be bullied or struggle to make friends.

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It is easy to feel isolated when the reality of life with a baby or toddler does not meet your expectations. Being able to meet other mothers in similar situations can be a great help. La Leche League groups welcome mothers at any stage of breastfeeding, so you will often find mothers breastfeeding older babies and toddlers at your local group meeting. Some LLL groups run toddler meetings where you can share experiences and tips.

Feeding is the process involving any aspect of eating or drinking, including gathering and preparing food and liquid for intake, sucking or chewing, and swallowing (Arvedson & Brodsky, 2002). Feeding provides children and caregivers with opportunities for communication and social experiences that form the basis for future interactions (Lefton-Greif, 2008).

NNS is sucking for comfort without fluid release (e.g., with a pacifier, finger, or recently emptied breast). NNS does not determine readiness to orally feed, but it is helpful for assessment. NNS patterns can typically be evaluated with skilled observation and without the use of instrumental assessment.

Supportive interventions to facilitate early feeding and/or to promote readiness for feeding include kangaroo mother care (KMC), non-nutritive sucking (NNS), oral administration of maternal milk, feeding protocols, and positioning (e.g., swaddling). 041b061a72


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