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Phil Phantom Stories

Phil Phantom is probably the most prolific erotic story author on the web. He has written 100's of stories under 7 pen-names. The four most common themes in his stories are sluts, under age kids, incest and bestiality. He has a talent and a knack for story telling that builds excitement through to the climax. I hope you find his writing as entertaining as I do. For Phil Phantom stories from the female perspective, see stories by Tiffany.

phil phantom stories


WARNING:This story is fiction, and should be treated as such. The followingstory is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and containsdescriptions of explicit sex. If you are not anadult, or reading sex stories upsets you, or is illegal, do not readany further.No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by anyelectronic means for profit or where a fee is charged for accessincluding but not limited to printing, photocopying, recording or byany information and retrieval system, without the written permissionof the author. All rights are reserved by the author. The author maybe contacted through HTTP://PhilPhantom.Com Copyright 1997,Phil PhantomIf you like this story and you want more Phil Phantom's or Tiffany'sstories you can read over 500 other stories by the same author byvisiting Phantom Base at HTTP://PhilPhantom.Com At the Mercy of a Daughter By: Phil PhantomSurviving three days of abduction by a rogue motorcycle gang with herfamily intact, sore, but alive, should have been cause for rejoicing,like standing in the debris field of a tornado, telling a reporter, "Idon't care about all this. I'm just thankful all of my family made itthrough."Donna should have felt that way on the ride home in their motor home,but she didn't. She didn't because she no longer felt a part of thisfamily. Her family - husband, daughter, and three sons - were now likegang members who had split off from the main pack, leaving their bikesto return the bitch.Donna spoke to no one and no one spoke to her. She lay in the rearbedroom with the door closed. She didn't know what they were sayingabout her, but they knew to leave her be. If they were talking to eachother, they were being quiet.Donna had no way of knowing, but the gang was not in a social ortalkative mood, each gone to their own space, thinking, feeling badly,wishing they had exercised more restraint, each wishing they had acteddifferently, each feeling like a coward and a traitor in the face of alife-threatening danger. No one felt worse than Bob.The trip to the desert was his idea, and dirt-biking with his boys washis passion. When the bikers showed up, he should have laid down hislife in a bold attempt to get them to move on, try fucking with afamily who had no hero, easy pickings. Donna had every right to hatehim and want to be free of him.Sherry, the oldest child at seventeen, vented a great deal ofrepressed sexuality and frustration on her victimized mother. Sherrywas first to see a way to save her own lovely skin by joining thegang. She wished she had truly been accepted and been given a place onthe back of a Harley Hog. Had she known her membership was just forthe party, had she known she'd have to return to the bosom of herloving family, her mother in particular, she never would have donethose things to her. Hell, Sherry was sure they'd kill her mother, sowhat did it matter. The others thought the same thing.Tom, the oldest boy at sixteen, felt as badly as his father. He shouldhave been a hero instead of a mother fucker. Is there anything lowerthan a cowardly mother fucker? He didn't think so.John, at fourteen, didn't think so, either. He couldn't believe he didthat, or did it for three days, night and day, seventeen times in all,all three holes - five times in her mouth, four in her ass, seven inher pussy. At least he wasn't as bad as Tom or Randy.Randy, the youngest at twelve, felt like Sherry. He was sure theirmother would be wasted, snuffed. He'd only get this one chance to doeverything he ever dreamed of doing to a sexy woman who couldn't do adamn thing about it, never dreaming he'd have to go back to San Diegoand live with her afterward.Rufus, the family Black Lab laid under the table, exhausted, thinking,"The bitch ain't half bad for a human. Who'd a guessed. Ain't no dogbitch ever suck my dick. I sure am glad they didn't waste that cocksucking bitch. Glad I didn't play hero. I wonder why she wouldn't letme in the room with her. I'll bet I get to sleep on the bed, now.Hell, I'll lick her pussy. I'll lick it all she wants if I get tosleep on the bed. Who am I kidding. I'll lick that pussy even if Ihave to sleep outside. That ain't bad pussy, not bad at all. Surebeats Fe Fe's butt."Donna didn't know how she could ever face them all, not after allthey'd seen and done. Sure, they were all acting on survivalinstincts, and there wasn't a hero among them, not even the family dog- the cowardly mutt - hit of the party. Donna groaned at the flood ofdisgusting memories. She thought, "How can a wife and mother return tobeing a wife and mother after being a dog's bitch - not bitch, a dog'sslut."At first, Donna didn't think they'd kill her if she gave them whatthey wanted. They wanted to see a woman, a wife and mother, act like amutt's slut in front of her family. Donna had to draw on herimagination, but actually getting down to doing the acts she imaginedwas the toughest thing she ever did. Even after she was sure she'd endup dead meat, by then, it didn't matter. She continued being a muttslut to avoid the torments of a slow, agonizing death by torture,usually at the hands of one of her own family members, Sherry inparticular. Sherry was the enforcer. When the time came, Sherry wouldbe the executioner. All indications were that Sherry would enjoy thegruesome task and take her sweet time.Sherry felt awful about that. As the enforcer, she got into her roleearly on. Her mother's lovely, sexy, blemish-free body would bear thescars for the rest of her life. Her nipples may never recover, and herpussy will probably never sprout hair again, hair yanked out by theroots with pliers, hair needed to mask the scars from a thin metalwhip made from a radio antenna. Sherry thought for sure they'd bewasting her, so what was the harm. So what if she suffered. When youdie, all fades to black. There's no God, Heaven, no Hell. Ashes toashes, dust to dust. A mother is just a mass of living tissue sendingimpulses to the brain. The brain is just an organ. Personality is justan illusion. That mass was her mother, that's all.Bob hated himself. He truly loved that gorgeous mass of tissue, nowterribly scarred and hurting, feeling used, misused, abused, alone andabandoned. With that thought he took the next exit and found a placeto park where Rufus could go wet a tree.He called the kids out and drew them off to the front of the coach. Helooked to each sad and sorry face, then said, "Look, we all did whatwe did to survive. I think your mother realizes that. We have to beginthe healing process. We have to make amends and restore her to herproper place and help re-establish the dignity she needs to carry on."Sherry broke down, saying, "Maybe you guys only did what you had to doto survive, but I tortured her, and most of the things I did, no onemade me do. I just did them because it made everyone laugh. I was allset to kill her, and I wanted to do it slow. She hates me, now."Bob placed an arm around her and hugged her close, saying, "She'll getover that, Sherry. You are her daughter and her first born child. Youwere under great duress. You got caught up in the decadence and went alittle crazy. If she doesn't see that now, she will eventually.""She never will, Daddy. I'm a monster. I don't deserve to live. I suredon't deserve a mom like her. Just leave me here. She'll be happierwithout me in the family."Tom and his father were of like mind on most things. This was noexception. He hugged his big sis from the other side, saying, "Youdon't know Mom if you feel that way. Dad's right. She'll forgive andforget, and there's no way she'd let you live on the street. You'refamily. You'll always be family. We're the ones who have the most toatone for. We used her sexually. We took advantage of her. Wecommitted incest, over and over again."Sherry said, "I did that, too, and not just with Dad and you guys. Iused her more than any of you. I made her drink my piss. That's allshe got to drink for three days in the dessert, my piss, and I madeher suck it out while I whipped her. You don't forget or forgive that.How could she? Every time she looks at me she'll remember and getsick. Having me around will remind her that she used to be a toilet.John, get your hand out of my crotch. I'm not in the mood, you fuckingjerk."Bob looked behind Sherry and slapped John's hand away, saying,"Damnit, John, your sister is not a sexual playing, and we're not outin the desert with a biker gang."He looked hurt and confused as he said, "So, she's not a virgin nomore and she likes it.""She may like it when she's in the mood, but you heard her. She is notin the mood. We may have broken the incest barrier out there, but awoman still has the prerogative. You'll know if and when she gets inthe mood. Until then, you treat her with respect."Sherry smiled to her Daddy, a sexy smile. She liked that message thatimplied sex between her and the boys and her and her father couldcontinue if she wanted it to. That painted a whole new picture andbrought new possibilities. She began to see where it might be possibleto share a home with a woman who was angry with her but wouldn't forceher out in the street no matter what she did. If four out of fivewanted her to stay, she could even feel welcome.She batted her eyes at the main guy and said, "Thank you, Daddy. Youdo understand. I promise, I will be in the mood again, just not rightnow. I won't be shy anymore, and I won't object to any of you tryingto get me in the mood. You just have to go slow and pick the righttime. You guys will learn what works and what doesn't; and Daddy, I'msure you already know. You could get me in the mood whenever you wantto. You should give them pointers, like no grabbing."Sherry could see she'd made a big score with the papa bear by tellinghim in an off-hand way that he could have pussy whenever he wanted.Her father wasn't the best fuck at the camp site or even in thefamily, but he sure liked fucking her. He did not relish the idea ofgiving up fucking that young pussy, and said, "I'm glad you feel thatway, Sherry. In light of all we've done, it would be difficult if notimpossible to return to a normal home life. As long as you'reagreeable, I'd be happy to teach them good seduction techniques.""I'll help you. Together, we can make them experts that can score offany chick."Tom was quick to say, "Would those techniques work on Mom?"Everyone looked to Tom, and each was wondering. They weren't lookingat him like he were a pervert or an idiot. They were looking at himlike he had something there and was the first bright mother fucker tothink of it. After a pregnant pause while they stared deep in thought,Tom said, "Well, do you think it would?"Bob said, "I suppose they'll work on any female."Sherry said, "I'm sure they would."Tom said, "Great, because I like being a mother fucker. I want somemore."Randy chimed in, "I'll second that. Mom is a great piece of ass."John said, "I'll say. Even sloppy hundredths with a bloody pussy waspretty good. Are you saying you won't mind, Dad?""If she'll let you, why should I mind. Before you boys start gangseducing her, we need to give her a chance to get settled in and putall this behind her, at least what she can put behind her. She needstime to heal, physically and mentally. What she needs now is love,affection, tenderness, and a feeling of being part of this familyagain. The only hero to emerge from that ordeal is your mother. Sheneeds to feel like the hero who saved us. Right now, she feels likethe lowest filth on Earth. I'm sure she feels like a bitch slut and atoilet, even a whore. I think we'll know when she is ready to dealwith seduction attempts. I can assure you that any that go prematurewill fail with disastrous results."Sherry said, "Dad is right, and he has an excellent plan. I'll helpyou guys all I can. As horny as you guys are, I'll need the help. Ithink she'll come around, but we have to do like Dad said. She's ourhero. She saved us, and there isn't enough we can do to thank her. Shemay push us away at first, me especially, but I'm going to keep tryingto win her forgiveness."Bob said, "That's the spirit, Sherry. Your mother has the biggest,softest heart on the planet. She is incapable of holding a grudge inthe face of someone asking forgiveness, someone who really means it.The trouble is, she sees right through bullshit. Guys, I'm afraid youare all way too transparent to soften her up. I think Sherry has thebest chance."Sherry said, "I do, too, Dad. If she'll forgive me, the rest of youhave nothing to sweat. I'm going to start right now. She might let mein. At least, by the time we get home, we'll be talking. Is that okaywith you, Dad?""Try, but don't badger. This is a very delicate time. I'm sure sheneeds intimate nursing care. You're the only one who could give herthat unless she wants to wait until we get home. I know she wouldn'twant to go to the hospital.""Great idea. I'll get the first aid kit. Where is it?""Bathroom cabinet under the sink. And Sherry, it wouldn't hurt tobring her something to drink, something that doesn't emerge frombetween your legs."Sherry smiled her devilish smile and said, "Why, she'll drink from mypussy fountain when she gets thirsty enough. I'll bet she's thirstyenough. Can't I say I'm sorry while she slurps piss from my pussy.""No! You get that look out of your eyes, girl.""Dad, there is another strategy that might work better on her. Thestrike while the iron's hot strategy.""The iron isn't hot, Sherry. That iron is stone cold, now.""I disagree. She liked some of that stuff. Maybe she fooled you guys,but she didn't fool me. She loved everything with Rufus, and she lovedall the incest. I'll tell you something else you won't believe butit's true. She loved drinking my piss and eating my pussy.""You're right. I don't believe it. I know you'd like to believe it."Tom said, "Dad, she might be right. Mom loved it when we screwed her,especially when we all three did her at once."Bob said, "I think that's wishful thinking on your part, too."Sherry said, "I'm not saying the strike while the iron technique isbest. All I'm saying is it might be best. Either way, the longer wewait, the easier it will be to put all of this behind her and revertto her old self. She'll be back to her old self and running our livesin no time. Nobody wants that, and the sooner we reinforce what westarted out there, the easier this will be for her to adjust to. Iknow what she liked and what she didn't.""Well, you know how she can be if you guess wrong. My loyalties arewith her, just remember that. Push come to shove, I'll stand besideher. I always have and always will. Okay, except when she needed memost, but dead heroes are no help either.""Just trust my judgment on this. Let me feel her out, and then go theway you see me going."Bob turned to Randy and said, "Run across the street and get her alemonade Big Gulp from the Seven-Eleven. She loves those. [turning toSherry] There's your in. She'll open the door for that, just be readyto play nurse, and please be humble and contrite starting out. If youcome out of the gate looking like you need to piss, she'll slam thedoor in your face."After receiving the money, Randy took off. Sherry said, "I was justteasing, Daddy. I know how to be. More than anyone, I know what I needto feel badly about. I know what needs forgiveness. I'll get that outof the way before doing anything." * * *In the rear of the coach, Donna still didn't have a stitch on and wasaware of the lengthy stop. She assumed pit stop to let the dog run,probably a rest area, but she didn't have the energy to get up andpeek out a window. If she could muster the energy, she was too sore.Thirst almost drove her to slip into something and into the bathroom.The bikers drank everything they had, but the holding tanks probablyhad water. Sucking from the tap would not be above her at this point,not after the tap she'd been sucking her fluids from.Donna thought about that more than anything; that, and the hours herhead spent between her daughter's legs. For three days, her face waswedded to that girl's beaver. The guys loved it. Sherry lovedthrilling the guys, all of them. The little slut screwed her brainsout and fed her fucked cunt to her mother in every imaginableposition. Donna gorged herself on fuck. All she ate was fuck. All shedrank was piss. For three horrific days, she dined on her daughterwhile being whipped for not gorging good enough to suit her.Of all the indignities Donna suffered, having to act like a famishedlesbian was the worst. Most of her injuries came from not doing itgood enough, often whipped between her legs while lying on her backholding an obscene beaver with Sherry squatted over her mouth. Then,there were the times when Sherry sat in a wide beaver while receivingthe service with Rufus screwing her sore, battered, and beaten vagina.A mother doesn't forget that. Rare would be the mother who could everforgive such treatment.Donna had cried all the tears she could cry and simply laid therethinking about those things. She knew Sherry had it in her to be thatway, but never dreamed her daughter's macabre passions could beunleashed so quickly and easily, or so fully without restraint. Theeight bikers no sooner had their bikes turned off when Sherry droppedher bikini (top and bottom) and sauntered nude over to the one whoappeared to be their leader. She guessed right. They were soon fuckingin the sand in a circle of family and bikers.Following that obscene fuck, while standing beside her man with hissemen running down her legs, Sherry wore a wicked grin while saying,"Make her fuck the dog like a bitch in heat."Donna almost died right there, and that's when things got nasty, andkept getting nasty thanks mostly to her own daughter. Things never gotnasty enough to suit Sherry. The bikers left calling her a crazybitch. Sherry dropped the carving knife in the sand, shocked that theyfound her idea crazy and left without her. A girl filleting her motheralive, that had to be cool, not crazy, not for a Satan's Disciplebiker babe.Forgiving Sherry would be a Herculean task. Donna wasn't sure shecould, and wasn't sure Sherry would ever ask. She half expected Sherryto run away. She wasn't sure that wouldn't be best for all. The restof her relationships were salvageable, and they could always get ridof the dog if he couldn't unlearn new tricks. After three days, shedoubted he could, and Rufus was not an outdoor dog. He should havebeen, but they spoiled him, raising him like a family member. He was afamily member - too old to unl


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