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Cartoon Smart - Blender Logic Bricks WORK

In the first part of this chapter we mentioned some options present in all the logic bricks. Now we will see with more details the properties that are specific for sensor headers, as shown in Figure 3.8.

Cartoon Smart - Blender Logic Bricks

There are different ways to coordinate actions between different objects. As presented earlier, one of them is through linking logic bricks from different objects. That is not only messy, but also limiting; you can only link objects if they are both present in the game altogether (ruling out dynamic added objects); nor you can broadcast an action over multiple objects without linking them manually. A good alternative is to use the Message actuator to send a message for other objects (or for itself). The three optional available fields are: To, Subject, and Body. You can see them in Figure 3.36.

@AussiedudeSrry my first post made no sense. Click on link to THen about three fingers from top of website on left is a word the says Tutorials. Next six programs over is Blender(YAY!!!):) CLick and you will be taken to a screen with all sorts of blender tutorials.(Hint:1 if theres a tutorial that seems interesting go to it and it will usually have a flsh animation of it2 this tutorial is not on this page i will try to find it)PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THIS HELPHAPPY BLENDING

"I messed around in Blender for a long time. Even in school projects I would opt to make animations, instead of doing the assignments," he tells us. "Blender also had logic bricks, and I could input things to make stuff move. I thought programming was something super smart people did... I really wanted to make a mini golf game...and I wanted it to be multiplayer. But I didn't programme -- I just did logic bricks -- and I thought multiplayer was out of reach.

The main reasons for it being so complicated compared to BGE is that BGE already has some build in stuff that you do not have to manually do, most effecting in this case is that the translate node is (currently) not able to use the objects local rotation for movement with a click of a button, or that there is a prebuild looking component, so you basically do not have to do anything in BGE.Yes, logic nodes still have to improve, mainly node groups would be very handy, but I think implementing logic bricks would be a waste of time, since they are very limiting in the way you do things (Imo).

The idea behind using the logic bricks is simply due to the huge amount of people using it would have an easy cross over. From there they could simply use logic bricks to create the simpler stuff quickly and efficiently. And for the more complex stuff use nodes or code.

I really thought at first that Lubos was going the BGE logic bricks way. But now that its all Logic nodes, I am also bumbed out and probably wont use Armory at all. I can so far do much much more in BGE then in Armory (maybe not graphic wise, but not all games need to look realistic).

  • Inspector Gadget Normally a bumbling cyborg inspector, here he's a crazy Reality Warper obsessed with brown bricks in Minecraft. Adaptational Badass: In canon, Gadget's a lovable but dimwitted detective equipped with a wide variety of gizmos and tools in his body. Here, he's an all-out Reality Warper who ditches the on-board tools for being able to do anything as long as he says "Go Go Gadget."

  • Adaptational Villainy: He's a bumbling yet well-meaning and lovable fool on the side of good in his cartoon, but the Funny Boy's interpretation of him has him repeatedly torment Penny, and he's also a pedophile as well, if the bit during the Slender: The Arrival playthrough is any indication.

  • Catchphrase: "Brown bricks." Also, "Go Go Gadget," just like in the original series, but instead of being followed up with any actual gadgets (like "Go Go Gadget Copter"), it's followed by complete sentences, which proceed to warp reality.Inspector Gadget: Go Go Gadget gravity is now inverted. Inspector Gadget: Go Go Gadget your memories are all fake. Inspector Gadget: Go Go Gadget the color black everywhere is now white. Inspector Gadget: Go Go Gadget never lose at poker. Inspector Gadget: Go Go Gadget change the law so 12 is the age of consent!

  • Jerkass: Usually uses his reality warping powers to torture Penny.

  • Physical God: He's capable of doing literally ANYTHING as long as he says "Go Go Gadget" before it, and usually uses it to change reality itself in the most specific and absurd things.

  • Reality Warper: He can make anything happen just by stating "Go Go Gadget" followed by whatever he wants.


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