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Equal (Original Mix) UPD

The fragmentation, or breaking up, of a complainant's legal claim during EEO complaint processing has been a significant problem in the federal sector. For complainants, fragmented processing can compromise their ability to present an integrated and coherent claim of an unlawful employment practice for which there is a remedy under the federal equal employment statutes. For agencies and the Commission, fragmented processing substantially increases case inventories and workloads when it results in the processing of related matters as separate complaints.[1]

Equal (Original Mix)

Practice Tip: When defining a claim, two components must be identified. First, the claim must contain a factual statement of the employment practice or policy being challenged. As already discussed, it is critical that EEO Counselors, investigators, and other EEO staff members ensure that they understand the exact nature of the complainant's concerns so that the employment practice is defined broadly enough to reflect any allegation of a pattern of ongoing discrimination. Particular attention should be given to claims involving terms and conditions of employment. In Example 1 above, the employment practice being challenged is: disparate treatment in terms and conditions of employment with regard to time and attendance polices. In Example 2 above, the employment practice is: the creation of a hostile work environment because of sexual harassment. In Example 3 above, the employment practice might be defined as: management's failure to advance the complainant's career to a GS-14 position. The second component of a legal claim is the identification of the basis (because of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, reprisal, age, disability, or genetic information) for a violation of an equal employment statute.

This is an individual decision none of us will be able to do anything about. Nothing should ever keep us from advocating, however for all races that come together as citizens in our land, or that we meet throughout the world, equal respect and equal opportunity. Only in this way can we live side by side in peace and good will. Our desire must be for equal justice and we know, no matter to what sects and religions we belong, that most of us acknowledge that God made us all. Therefore, He must have intended that eventually all of us learn to live according to the ideal life, that of Jesus Christ. 041b061a72


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