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Minecraft 3D Models Mod

This is a complete guide to explaining the process of importing 3D models into your Minecraft world. There are three basic parts I will break the process down into: Setting up you Minecraft, importing/exporting your 3D model, and bringing the model into your Minecraft world.

Minecraft 3D Models Mod

Using Forge and WorldEdit is the most basic combination for what we need to do, but it is purely client side (meaning that it will only work in your singleplayer worlds). Even if you plan to import models into multiplayer worlds I strongly recommend downloading Forge and WorldEdit regardless so that you can get a visual scale of your models.

Once your schematic file is downloaded, close out of TinkerCAD and open up Minecraft. Make sure to select the forge version. When Minecraft launches and loads, go back to the .minecraft folder under %appdata%. Click config, then worldedit, and finally schematics. In that folder paste your schematic file you downloaded. Open the Minecraft world you want to paste the model into or create a new world.

MCreator supports custom OBJ models for item and block-based mod elements; however, when possible, use JSON models instead as they offer better compatibility with Minecraft. OBJ support in Minecraft is not native and is added by Forge and unpredictable errors may occur.


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