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Wicker star witches bells

Wicker star witches bells

Handmade with love by me 


Witches' bells, also known as protection bells or charm bells, are often used in various magical and spiritual practices. Their purposes can include:


1. Warding Off Negative Energy: Witches' bells are believed to create a protective barrier that can help keep negative or malevolent energies at bay.


2. Alerting to Intruders: Some practitioners hang bells near entrances to their homes or sacred spaces to alert them to any unwelcome or uninvited visitors, physical or spiritual.


3. Enhancing Rituals: The gentle tinkling sound of the bells can enhance the ambiance during rituals, spells, or meditation, creating a mystical and soothing atmosphere.


4. Promoting Positive Energy: Bells can be rung to clear stagnant or negative energy and invite in positive vibrations.


5. Calling Spirits or Deities: In certain practices, bells are rung to call upon spirits, ancestors, or deities to join in rituals or ceremonies.


6. Symbolic Representation: The bells can serve as a symbolic representation of the element of Air in some magical systems.


The specific use and significance of witches' bells can vary among different traditions and individual practitioners.


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