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Wicker star with ribbons. 4 bells

Wicker star with ribbons. 4 bells

Handmade with love by me 


Witches' bells, also known as protection bells or charm bells, are often used in various magical and spiritual practices. Their purposes can include:


1. Warding Off Negative Energy: Witches' bells are believed to create a protective barrier that can help keep negative or malevolent energies at bay.


2. Alerting to Intruders: Some practitioners hang bells near entrances to their homes or sacred spaces to alert them to any unwelcome or uninvited visitors, physical or spiritual.


3. Enhancing Rituals: The gentle tinkling sound of the bells can enhance the ambiance during rituals, spells, or meditation, creating a mystical and soothing atmosphere.


4. Promoting Positive Energy: Bells can be rung to clear stagnant or negative energy and invite in positive vibrations.


5. Calling Spirits or Deities: In certain practices, bells are rung to call upon spirits, ancestors, or deities to join in rituals or ceremonies.


6. Symbolic Representation: The bells can serve as a symbolic representation of the element of Air in some magical systems.


The specific use and significance of witches' bells can vary among different traditions and individual practitioners.


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