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Taking the plunge.....

And I mean this quite literally.

After listening to 2 podcasts with Russell Brand and Wim Hof,(aka The Ice Man) this morning I attempted to give the Wim Hof method a go. More info is available here

The Wim Hof Method has been found to boost the immune system, all by cold temperature exposure and a certain breathing technique. So tentatively this morning I psyched myself up and took the plunge. I started with a warm shower the turned it down to cold. I managed 4 breaths just how Wim Hof's describes ( you should really do 30, but it was a start) I am hooked and shall be doing it again every day.

Cold showers help with

Boost Energy levels

Improve circulation

Reducing symptoms of depression

Improve your skin

Boost your immune system.

Go on try it and let me know below in the comments how it goes.

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