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Under Pressure?

Just lately I'm having lots of brilliant ideas, I seem to be having them during meditation and most of my mornings meditations are done on my Acupressure mat. My Acupressure mat is addictive, I love how it makes me feel and I've just thought to myself that I should share it with you, so that no one is left out, as it may be what you and your body needs at this strange time.

What is it?, How does it work?, `How do I use it? How do I clean it and much more......

Acupressure has been used for thousands of years in China and there is actually mention of the bed of nails in ancient Chinese texts believed to date back over 2,000 years. The accupressure mat works by using small plastic spikes to stimulate these acupressure points on the back. Traditionally the points running down the back next to the spine were called the back shu points and each point was understood to influence the health of a particular organ. Lying on the Euro mat can stimulate each of these points and receive the health benefits of an acupressure back massage at home.

The acupuncture mat was refined in Russia in the 1970s. A man by the name of Ivan Kuznetzov used a mat of his own creation to dramatically improve his personal health problems. He then patented the first European acupuncture mat using plastic spikes.

This acupressure mat was widely researched in Russia and used by many Doctors to assist poor sleeping, low energy, improve stress, and relieve back and shoulder pain as well as tension.

A researcher by the name of Tanya Zilberter who was involved in studying the acupressure mats in Russia, later wrote her story and continued her research on the acupressure mats in the USA (1). In her book she suggests that the acupuncture mats probably work by naturally regulating the body’s endorphins.

Her study indicated that of the 126 subjects involved in her American research -

• 98% reported pain relief.

• 96% reported relaxation.

• 94% reported an improvement in the quality of sleep.

81% reported an increase in energy levels.

The Euromat is the first acupressure mat to be completely designed and hand-made in the EU for European users.

In comparison to other acupressure mats on the market it is

1. Larger to accommodate European backs

2. Safer as it uses only food grade plastic rather than cheaper ABS plastic, which is photosensitive. The plastic spikes are also attached without the use of potentially toxic glues.

3. More comfortable as it is the only mat to use memory foam to contour to your unique shape.

4. Ethical as the mat only uses materials sourced in the EU and both the foam and the cotton have full confidence in textiles certification.

5. Practical as the unique Velcro straps allow it to be easily applied to limbs to assist leg or knee problems. The straps also allow very easy storage.

The Euro mat comes with full instructions for use and the EUROMAT cleaner can be purchased separately to kill bacteria if you are planning to share the mat.

More info available if you need it. Both the mat and the pillow reatil for £81. (MESSAGE ME IF YOURE INTERESTED AS I HAVE A DEAL ON AT THE MOMENT). I would always advise having the pillow too, it's great for relieving stress and tension and good for clearing headaches.

You build up lying on the mat slowly until you readch 20 mins, wearing a thin layered top. The spikes are easily cleaned with collodial silver, or an organic sanitiser.

Email me if you would like to discuss this any further.

With Lots of Love K x

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