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Gua Sha..pronounced 'Guashah"

Or as my friend Rai called it.. That thing that sounds like a french dinner. Ha!

Gua meaning 'Scrape' and sha meaning 'petechiae' or tiny red spots. It is an ancient chinese healing modality that can help with chronic pain, tight muscles and tension, just by using tools to scrape your skin with long and short strokes. Gua sha was traditionally performed with a coin or a spoon.

You may have seen this being used all over social media in facial routines, and whislt I do use them in holistic facials, I also offer them as a standalone treatment, I even have the most amazing basalt gua sha that I can warm up to ease those tense muscles, the treatments I provide can be finished with tools that can be chilled.

Gua sha can be used on the back, neck, arms, face and legs.

So what exactly is it and what can it do for you?

Gua Sha can help relieve and move stagnant 'chi' or energy or stagnant blood. Therefore releasing inflammation within your body, it can help to break down scar tissue and connective tissue which can help improve movement in the joints as well as relieving aches and stiffness. can work wonders for back pain, tendon strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, can help people who sit at their desks all day,perfect for gym goers especially those lifting weights, RSI, or just extra relaxation and much much more. (From my point of view, it helps to take pressure off of my hands during a massage, allows me to apply more pressure, and gives outstanding results, especially when used in conjunction with cupping).

Theres is no down time, you can continue your day as normal after your treatment, there are no side effects. You will have redness in the area (not on your face) that can take a few days to disappear.

Although this treatment is perfect for everyone, as we are all carrying tension, it's not suitable for those who have DVT , pacemakers,those who bleed easily or take blood thinners, medical conditions affecting the veins or those with open wounds in the area.

If you are thinking of getting yourself booked in, here is my availability.

And yes, I do have a serious Gua Sha collection problem.. if you think this is bad, wait until I show you my cups!

Kelly x

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