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DIY Lockdown tension buster

So, I guessed you've just watched my live video on Facebook, Thanks for joining me, If you have a second could I ask you to please comment on my live video if you watched it #live or #replay.

Lets go over a few steps of why giving yourself a head massage right now or coming to me for an Indian Head Massage, when lockdown is over is beneficial.

The sensory pleasure of giving or receiving a head massage can help reduce stress and can help to ease headaches, and the feeling of tension whilst promoting relaxation. Massage lowers your blood pressure and helps with blood circulation.

Massage is such a good way to connect with members of your family right now, make sure that you get a massage yourself as well as giving to others, even if its just doing the movements to yourself.

I prefer to go to bed after giving myself a head massage, and I leave the oils in over night as I find it more beneficial, I just put a towel on my pillow, you can however wash your hair straight after if you would like to.

If you have time you can make a divine ritual out of this treatment for yourself, light a candle, put on some relaxing music or a guided meditation, put some essential oils in to a diffuser if you have one, or add a few drops of your favourite smell in to your warm massage oil. (if you've not used an oil before, I suggest that drop a small amount on to your skin as a patch test at least 24 hrs before you use it).

Top tips... Make sure you are sitting somewhere comfortable and you are warm.

Pop a towel over your shoulders if you are wearing your best clothes and don't want them ruined.

Make sure that your strokes are slow and gentle, You'll find your own natural rhythm.

Dont forget to use your thumbs up and down the neck, make sure you add some slow strokes along the neck and shoulders too if you can.

My fave top tip...if you have a microwaveable wheat bag, make sure you use it on your shoulders... its absolute bliss.

If you are struggling for an oil at home, use a hair conditioning treatment or a conditioner, they will both work ok.

I'm hoping that this will help until the salon re opens and I get to see you all again.

Much loves K x

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