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Lashes, Lashes, Lashes ....

Mites... yes you heard me mites.... I don't know about you but that word just makes me itch. Eyelash mites feed on your skin cells yuk! How well do you clean your lashes after wearing mascara or eyeshadow? How often do you throw your mascara away? I bet you're not even wearing mascara right now during lockdown, go on.. go and throw it away, you really should be throwing it away after 3 months as they become a breeding ground for bacteria.

The best way to clean your lashes is by using 2 cotton buds using eye make up remover, micellar water or baby shampoo and water.

Lash extensions and false lashes, I know you feel like a mole right now during lockdown without them on, but what a great opportunity to look after your lashes for once!

I use Apraise power serum, perfect for fuller and longer lashes and brows in just 15 days.

It improves the appearance of brittle short and thinning lashes and sparse brows.

It helps to reduce daily lash loss.

Growth stimulating technology encourages the hair follicle to speed up growth.

I have had my lash extensions off for a couple of months now and this easy to use product is perfect to help repair them, I'm also using it on my brows.

Message me if you would like any more info. I bet you're off to clean your lashes now!

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