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Do you double cleanse?

I bet you don't even cleanse do you? hands up if you use a baby wipe to take your make up off?

My top cleansing tip is to take your cleanser in to the shower with you, it takes 2 seconds more out of your day, you can even do it when your conditioner is on. A wash on and off cleanser is your go to product for this. Details of one of my favourite cleansers coming up.

So there you are in the shower trying to have 5 minutes to yourself while your kids are calling Muuuum or your dog is pawing at the door as he can't see you, or your cat has just walked in to the bathroom and is staring at you, giving you that judging look that only cats do, which is now making you regret dunking those double chocolate hob nobs in your coffee yesterday, guaranteed the doorbell will ring as you've got soap in your hair or you're running late for the school run or for work, its no excuse, you still have 5 mins to cleanse your face. make sure in the morning you cleanse.

Before you go to bed, you need to double cleanse, spend some time with the pads of your fingers going in circular motions around your eyes, do a scissor movement with 2 fingers on both hands across your chin, one hand after the other using the palms of your hands lift from the bottom of your chin in an upwards motion, use small circular motions around the creases of your nose. Then rinse off, use facial sponges, warm mitts or a muslin cloth if you have them.

May Chang... not one of the most used essential oils, this is what makes my favourite cleanser so super special. Introducing The Earth Works Cosmetics (TEWC for short) May Chang cream cleanser, it smells like the colour yellow, almost a sherbet like smell with a sprinkle of something extra zingy.

TEWC is a small artisan, vegan friendly, plant based, cruelty free company based in Rothwell Northants, so nice and local too. If you buy TEWC products from me, you are helping 2 small businesses.

May Chang cream cleanser is only £12.50 and is worth every penny.

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